GBUnited-Food/Banks Shelter

Britain is facing an unprecedented crisis in poverty and due to demand we are collecting Funds to assist local distribution centres.

British people including Muslims are donate towards amazing projects and without donations this work cant be done.

Offer your Zakah/Sadakah towards causes in Britain and we will show muslim contributions towards British people.

Donate Now to help Food  Banks/Shelters.

Please click here to Donate whatever you can from £10.00 upwards -:

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Greatbritainunited wants to assist in a number of projects which will help in uniting the British Community.

It has been well documented regarding the achievement of British muslims in all sectors within the British Community but the media have been distorting Islam and focus has been on 0.0001% of extremists rather than mainstream Islam which is tolerant and vibrant.

The focus is on a number of Areas to help including:

1) Britain Mosque Open Days #visitmymosque

Holding Open Days/Fun days at Mosques in local Areas and invite everyone throughout  Britain to promote inter faith harmony and understanding.

2) Media Fairness/Awareness- Greatbritainunited wants to expose certain elements of the media who particularly target certain sections of the community including muslims.

Due to the financial recession certain elements of the community including Far Right Groups Britain First/EDL are looking for scapegoats and its up to Greatbritainunited (GBU) to campaign against this behaviour and ensure harmony and unity remains in Great Britain,

3) Aiding existing Food Bank networks in Britain.

4) Highlighting oppression and injustice throughout the world including Palestine and Burmese Rohingya.

5) Clean Up Britain/Help the Elderly – British muslims are known for being the most charitable and want to help local communities.

In the current difficult economic climate, its important that the vulnerable are helped.

Please help those who desperately need your help in Britain and abroad, its important to continue to help the vulnerable people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Great Britain United wants to open food banks, pay volunteer expenses in cleaning up Britain and offer services to in local British towns and cities to those people in need.